My Holistic Journey

Health problems with my thyroid, and Graves Disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid, at a young age ultimately lead me to the road of self healing. 

For several years I tried the traditional approach with multiple doctors, multiple prescription medications with no success. I was a human pin cushion and a very interesting case study as I was not only seen by my own medical doctors, but being evaluated and monitored by Brown University's own Alpert Medical School's doctors and student panels. Oh the things we will do in the name of research. I actually thought I was doing something good for the medical community. If they could help other people catch this horrible thing in time before their body started to fall apart like mine did. 

My symptoms started shortly after I gave birth to my second child in early 2007. My doctor in New Jersey missed the signs and never once related anything to my thyroid. 

In 2011 while I was pregnant with my third child in Rhode Island I was considered a high risk pregnancy. My Rhode Island doctors caught it right away. By this time my tremors were so bad that I could not write my own name.

I suffered from severe body tremors, a large thyroid goiter, multiple thyroid nodules, declining eyesight, the muscles behind my eyes were actually pushing my eyes forward, high risk pregnancies, severe acne, brittle hair, brittle nails, eczema, etc. My health kept declining and my doctors wanted to give me radioactive iodine to kill off my thyroid. They felt my thyroid was the cause of all of this and it was time to take it out. Of course I had sonograms of my thyroid, consistent lab work, and multiple appointments with a ring of specialists over the course of years to validate this. If I listened to them I would have no thyroid, and a multitude of other health problems affecting me.  

Thankfully I decided to journey through my own approach to find what I could do to avoid the rapid decline of my health. I adopted a plant based diet and eliminated gluten. I also eliminated other things from my diet, my household and my body. It is currently over three years later and I am completely off of medication, my thyroid is back to normal, my eyesight is wonderful, and I have more energy than I know what to do with sometimes. This is what lead me down more of an open path, and also why I was chosen by Reiki. It is not the person that masters the Reiki, but the Reiki that masters the person.

My eyes are open. My mind is free.


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